Team My Site Marketing

President / CEO

Joshua has dedicated time to learning about the nature of people in relation to the businesses they patronize as well as the psychology of solution selling and marketing. Even with over 25 years in sales and marketing, he considers himself a continual student of sales methodology. He believes in treating every situation as an opportunity for growth, and knows the importance of being able to identify the answer to: “What are we trying to achieve?” and “How will we measure success?” When people ask, “How can you help our company?” Joshua loves to ask them questions that allow us to build an action plan for success from their answers.

Joshua has helped many companies gain more value through their purpose-directed functions to achieve their revenue growth goals. Through coaching, he has taught sales teams to adopt best practices for time management, prospecting, achieving client solutions, and methods to refine and grow sales pipelines.

As the founder and visionary behind My Site Marketing, Joshua combined his skills in coaching with his sales and marketing experience to position companies and individuals for more growth opportunities.