Web Design

Creating A Company Identity

Your website design, fonts, and graphics are based upon your corporate standards and branding vision. We create a clean, modern site that portrays what you do from the first glance. Print, radio, or television ads with no way to predict who would see, or hear, them. 

Comprehensive Browser Testing

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Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

Website responds to the size of mobile devices.


Lading pages are designed to target traffic from a specific advertising campaign and utilize an interesting offer to convert a higher percentage of visitors.

Limit Navigation

Limited navigation helps ensure visitors are focused on completing the outcome desired from their visit. Fewer exits from the page lead to higher conversion rates.

Deliver Value

The simplified design provides visitors with a compelling offer while ensuring your landing page demonstrates that value.

Exact Information

Visitors are immediately directed to information specific to the keyword(s) entered. Providing quick access to the desired information prepares visitors for the conversion to customers.

A clean, modern design that follows your company brand

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Modern Glass

“As one of Coeur d’Alene’s leading glass companies, our team at Modern Glass was looking for a partner to help us with our web presence. We needed a resource that could manage our SEO and help us maintain a professional website. My Site Marketing has been that resource for us. When we realized My Site Marketing’s level of involvement, we knew they would be a good fit. This year has been challenging as far as staying in touch with our business associates, but the folks at My Site Marketing have continued to reach out with fresh ideas and options for us to consider. They know our business, and they go above and beyond to represent an accurate image of us on the Web. My Site Marketing is committed to the growth and success of our business, and we appreciate the relationship that we have with them.

Kathy Millard – President of Modern Glass Company

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Content for the Site

Search Engine Optimization

The best way to be seen on Google is to ensure your site includes strong SEO

We’ll look at what is being searched for that you can provide and sell, then make a judgement on where to start in order to get you results fastest.

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Our Strategy

Step 1:
Keyword Research

We will review the site to determine what products and services you offer.

Step 2:
Metas, keywords and alt tags

Your site has been online for awhile which is great. You’ll already be naturally ranking for a few keywords here and there. 

Our job initially will be to ensure all pages on your site include an optimized SEO meta title, meta description and keyword. We also ensure all images include a relevant alt tag.

Step 3:
Detailed Site Optimization

We ensure all links, internal and external, are functioning properly, and identify areas of the site that would benefit from additional content.

– Speciality Home Products
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MSM Site
Digital Marketing

Take your mind off Marketing.

Marketing used to rely on exposure through print, radio, or television ads with no way to predict who would see, or hear, them. Those days have changed thanks to new technology that can deliver precisely targeted, tracked content to users based on demographics and interests in the moment they are searching for your service. This results in higher quality leads at a lower cost.

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Machine Learning, AI, SEO, page load times, backlinking, SEM, ROAS… All of these are important to your marketing and are complex systems that we know well. We take the stress out of your life by having a complete understanding of the mechanics of your marketing and let you get back to doing what you love.

Our Services

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“My Site Marketing serves as an extension of our marketing team and are great to work alongside to develop our digital marketing strategy. They are a smaller local business, similar to ours, and it really helps to have that more personal feel. The entire team at My Site Marketing have been nothing but professional in all our interactions and is committed to our success. ”

We provide honest projections and solutions that benefit you the most

Doing business with honesty and integrity is the whole reason why we are growing and why our customers keep renewing with us year after year. We provide projections based on numbers from your actual analytics. We love to over-deliver and people love to refer us to their friends because of it.

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Our Team
Team My Site Marketing



Joshua is passionate about helping others achieve success in life and business. As the visionary behind MSM, he treats every situation as an opportunity for growth and loves to help our clients build an action plan toward success.
Bridgette COO
Bridgette COO



Bridgette is the heart and drive behind My Site Marketing. Her passion for client satisfaction motivates her to provide a great working environment for the employees that make the magic happen. Bridgette’s aptitude for putting others first creates a culture of ensuring that deadlines are never missed.